The process of performing the easy card trick at home


Do you want to learn the card tricks? Are you willing to impress the friends by performing the magical card tricks? If yes, then it is a suitable place because you can learn easy card tricks right now without dealing with any kind of issue. There are many card tricks, which can easily be learned and performed at home. Such card tricks can help in building the self esteem of the children and also considered a great way for the children’s cognitive thinking.



How to perform the easy card trick?

In order to perform the trick, there is only required of an ordinary deck of the cards. Now, you are required to count the cards without moving the mouth and count out twenty cards and place those cards aside. Place these twenty cards on the table, and it will be the pile 1. Other twenty cards will be pile 2.

Now offer the pile 1 to the spectator and say him/her to select one card from the pile and also memorize it. After this, take the card back and place that card at the bottom of pile 2. Now you are required to place the pile 1 on the bottom of another pile and turn the cards facing you so that it could be easy to read the cards. In the following step, count the twenty cards until you got the 21st card. Such a card will be the card, which was chosen by the spectator.

Tips to perform better

If you are willing to perform such a trick in a better way, then it is important to count the cards in a proper manner. You should also try to practice the tricks a lot of times before going to perform it in front of the audience.


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